• Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is a technology that has been applied in the Chemical and Refining Process Industry for more than 15 years. RBI is revolutionizing the industry and its approach to inspecting process plants. It could provides
    •  reduce risk of high consequence failures
    • Improve the cost effectiveness of inspection and maintenance resources
    • a basis for shifting resources from lower to higher risk equipment
    • Measure and understand the risks associated with current inspection programs
    • Measure risk reduction as a result of inspection practices
    • Evaluation of  current inspection plans to determine priorities for inspections
  • Evaluation of future plans for decision making
    • Evaluate changes to basic operations as they affect equipment integrity
    • Identify critical contributors to risk that may otherwise be overlooked
  • It allows management to review safety in an integrated, cost-effective manner and systematically reduces the likelihood of failures by making better use of the inspection resources.

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