Many energy and process industry operating companies are experiencing the challenges of operating ageing assets, often beyond their design life.

There is a need, often reinforced by regulation, to ensure safe, reliable and competitive operation today, but also into the future to the point where production ceases. Where ageing assets still have a considerable operating life remaining there are many benefits in determining a robust and dynamic life extension strategy.

A good asset life plan helps deliver several things:

  • Safe and reliable operations into the future
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Appropriate maintenance and inspection actions
  • A strategic view  of future investment needs and maintenance budgets
  • Clarity on the timing of major replacement and refurbishment needs

Identifies the investments (resources) required in an asset to achieve their desired performance throughout a defined lifetime, typically 10-20 years.

The study provides:

  • Detailed life assessments and required action plans for key equipment
  • Overall asset investment profile over the study period
  • Improvement plans for the asset supporting processes
  • A risk based approach focuses on the vulnerable areas across production assets, systems and people, using experienced consultants and software tools.Understand investment needed to sustain assets