UIE views quality equal to client satisfaction. UIE Quality Program was established to ensure our services are properly executed and completed to meet client satisfaction.


UIE believes in doing things the right way in order to complete any projects. This is to ensure our client asset integrity is in place.
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UIE personnel are able to demonstrate integrity, responsibility and efficiency in delivering their projects. We also committed to assist our client to achieve their objective.

Plant Risk & Inspection Management System (PRIMS)

  • Support the management of a completely integrated Inspection Program for fixed equipment.
  • Lessens the need for multiple databases and spreadsheets to manage the inspection program.
  • Supports a criticality assessment to enable a fully integrated Risk Based Inspection Program.
  • The database is designed with an easy-to-use data structure.

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Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

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  • Proven method used to optimize inspection activities based on risk analysis.
  • Determine what incident could occur (consequence) in the event from mega fortune of an equipment failure.
  • Prioritized and focused inspection schedule.
  • The database is designed with an easy-to-use data structure.
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Advanced NDT

  • That uses an ultrasonic technique to determine component quality and detect failure.
  • Ffficiency comes from the combination of many angles and focus depths through to one probe.
  • The inspection results are clearly stored and displayed for reporting.
  • Detectable defects in welds are cracks, lack of fusion, lack of penetration, slag inclusions and porosity.
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  • Courses are delivered in our training facilities located in Paka, Terengganu by our competent and experience trainers.
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